‘My Quiet Hero’ is FINISHED!


‘My Quiet Hero’-The Neo Noir film in which I starred opposite UFC Legend Keith Jardine Written and Directed by Patrick Lee and Produced by Taylor Florio. Is Locked and Loaded. This film has it all. Gorgeous Photography. Action. A touching Father and Son Story. May the festival gods smile down upon it. More news as it unfolds. There are scenes in here I have always wanted to do and now its finished! Huzzah!


A Great LA Welcome!


Way to make a guy feel welcome! Another exciting time with director¬†Jared Januschka. We did two films in the last three plus years. “The Men Of Santa Muerte” and “See How they Run”. Now we are in talks for team up number 3 called “Shooting In Vein”. Help Jared get this story going. You don’t gotta give money. Just fill out a brief form and give a click a day. That’s it. It is a beautiful story he is telling. Help him tell with one click each day to keep the doctor away {cuz you’ll get good karma and stuff} stay tuned as news develops.



Another Script with Susan Hunt!!!!


I have been away for a spell. Soaking up this Town. This is the longest I have been here since I moved away to Los Angeles. So great to re-experience the good and the bad when it comes to my old stomping’ grounds. *sigh* there is nothing like NY. I have been filming this Netflix Show, Working with Orphans East ANNNNND my dear Friend Writer, Director Susan Hunt who directed me in The Ones That Have Fallen and I have collaborated on a new Script which she has written. Cant wait to shoot this. Its an Actor’s dream! Huzzah!!!!



That’s A Wrap for ‘Black, White, REaD!’


Orphans West’ Inaugural Production has finished the Principal Photography. It was written by Kristina Birk and Directed by Justin Morck and Exec Produced by This Guy. What a journey. No onward to Post. Feast on a few more Pics…


Our Heroine, Ms.Culture played by the lovely Kristina Birk discovers what Art Means to her. Of all the photos I’ve ever taken this is definitely up there.


Below: Kristina Pilskaia as our Tight Rope walker. Who appears on an enchanted Beach looking quite amazing herself. An amazing moment here this was…


Basking in the final day vibes with the Amazing and generous Michael Kelly. Loves this guy.


Black, White, REaD {More From The Set!}


We are almost though this shoot and I am inspired by this work. Here is our Writer and Star- the beautiful and visionary Kristina Birk. She uttered a single line here and it about moved me to tears. What an Artist!


The big Four: Justin Morck our Director also plays Mr.Sports, Michael James Kelly plays Mr.World News, Kristina Birk as Ms. Culture and myself as Mr.Finance. And here we learn the sobering truth- Everything comes with STRINGS ATTACHED! lol