‘Black, White, REaD’ Begins Shooting Tomorra!


Back in LA folks! A lot of adventures lately. Had a nice hike this weekend. On the eve of tomorra’s @blackwhitereadfilm Shoot. The day before shooting a film feels like… being on a train. The tracks set long ago. The cargo is packed. And inside I can feel the engines beginning to wake and grind forward towards a single point: the realization of an idea hatched just near the end of last year. And here we are. I always love this feeling. Tomorra is a very new day. I am proud to be on this journey with these two. Let’s see what we are made of. I already feel this project changing me!


Our Script is Completed! Huzzah!!


On this perfect day a script is finished. The Heroic Kristina Birk has transcribed our dynamite Brainstorms and jointly written story into a glorious and sensitive screen play with a magnificent flare for visual power. This one will be special and an exciting new chapter for me behind the camera. There are no two individuals with whom I could have done this with! Thanks Kristina and Justin! You are a dream. It seemed so exciting to embark upon this journey but how worth it it has been! I thank my stars everyday for having this project in my life!