“Nobody knows anything about anything.”
~Ye Olde Hollywood Proverbe.


 nd with that, he lit outta Northern Kaliforn’ and into Nieuw Yorke Towne circa Twenty ’02 where he spent over 10 years honing his technique, and craft {and many a memorable performance be it on the stage or in front of camera’s large and small} before orchestrating an ambitious move southwest to Hollywood proper But!…
…Already we digress! While in the Golden State {the first time around}, Solomon Shiv originated fire cracker roles for the Berkeley and San Francisco runs of Karen Penley’s “Circus Proboscis: A Sneeze Of Freaks” {both runs} and Ken Haus’ rage-infested “Chuck and Benny”. He fronted a cacophonous band, ‘Monikerz’ whose style was once best described by its guitarist, Don Perrott as ‘Zany Power-Funk’ {2 wonderful years!}.

An Education:
From Kaliforn’, he secured a move to Breuklyn, Nieuw Yorke and 
promptly began studies at NYC’s ecclectic Circle In The Square Theatre School: “Macbeth”, “Cowboy Mouth”, “Too Clever By Half {Or The Diary Of A Scoundrel}”,”The Crucible”, and the notorious “The Seagull”. Subsequently he set out across the indy theater circuit: “The Witches”, “The Complte Wrks of Willm Shakespeare {Abridged}” as well as original plays, “Touch Me”, “The Owners”, and “Un-Lonely Planet”…Good Times indeedy- but he credits the meat on his bones to his six years with hard-nosed Acting Coach John Anthony and more recently the unique approach towards acting, self and career as taught by John Dapolito.

TV Wise:
He has enjoyed memorable Roles on HBO’s Acclaimed “Boardwalk Empire” opposite Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt and William Forsythe, CBS’ “Person Of Interest”opposite Jim Caviezel,and “NCIS” and NBC’s Law & Order:SVU” Most recently, he will return to HBO for the second season of it’s lauded new series “True Detective” starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitch and Vince Vaughn.
 Theatre Credits include:
8 Minute Madness Playwright Festival- voted Best Actor. A splash in Wide Eyed Productions’ well- received May ’09 revival of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” as the iconic Chief Bromden. He gave a well reviewed performance in “Four Quarters” written and directed by Christopher Heath. It went on to become The Frigid Festivals’ top grossing show {Go Chris!}. Mr.Shiv kept busy with film projects {listed below} but soon he took another trip to the Madhouse as Chief Bromden. This time it was in November Twenty’10 for Connecticut’s Historic Ivoryton Playhouse. Now very well marinated in Chief Bromden, he was well prepared for a second outing. It was an even more layered performance, hell bent on a personal challenge to create something totally new. Indeed the shows there were met with little less than standing ovations everytime. He  contributed his physical Acting Chops to the development of an ambitious new play by Yvonne Gougelet, titled “Prehistoric Love” about one of the first relationships…between two Neanderthals.

One of his favourite Nieuw Yorke endeavors was as a founding member of The Orphans Theatre  Company. “A Group of Professionally Energized Actors Intent on one another’s growth.”


Film Credits include 

“Two: A Love Story” Directed by Georgi Polizzi, New Dawn Lab’s Shortfilm, “Angels” Directed by Abraham Heissler, co-wrote and co-starred in Second Studio’s Film, “Face To Face” directed by John Anthony,  Tchula Junctions’  “Werewolf” and “S&M” both directed by Matthew D’Abate, Appeared in the short film, “Allison” Directed by Jeff Turick which was featured in Canon’s final “Beyond The Still” project premiering at Sundance {Go Jeff!}. 


In Spring/Summer Twenty’10 he wrapped the domestic violence thriller, Partner’s In Crime Productions’“Come Out, Come Out!”{in post} and the Pilot, “Black Dawn” directed by JoshCrook from Crook Brothers Productions. He also completed the French Film Tennis Satire, Black Bag Films’ “Le Court” which won the audience favorite in the 48 Hour Film Festival. {Go Josh Hays and Black Bag!}. and is simultaneously wrapping filming for a string of shorts including, “Under New York Skies” written and directed by Christian Hogarth, “Patriot” written and Directed by J.Harry, and “The Things You Don’t Say” written and directed by Spencer Chandler. His favourite role onscreen is in the Independent Feature written and directed by Susan Hunt titled, “The Ones That Have Fallen” where he played lead as a Gulf War Vet- Hermit- Lumberjack who finds a wounded woman in the woods and nurses her back to health finding there is more to her story than he bargained for. 
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