“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.”
~Oscar Wilde.

Best actor 2015

 And with that, he lit outta Northern Kaliforn’ and into Nieuw Yorke Towne circa Twenty ’02 where he spent over 10 years honing his technique, and craft {and many a memorable performance be it on the stage or in front of camera’s large and small} before orchestrating an ambitious move southwest to Hollywood proper But!…
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This Just In…

‘My Quiet Hero’ is FINISHED!


‘My Quiet Hero’-The Neo Noir film in which I starred opposite UFC Legend Keith Jardine Written and Directed by Patrick Lee and Produced by Taylor Florio. Is Locked and Loaded. This film has it all. Gorgeous Photography. Action. A touching Father and Son Story. May the festival gods smile down upon it. More news as it unfolds. There are scenes in here I have always wanted to do and now its finished! Huzzah!


A Great LA Welcome!


Way to make a guy feel welcome! Another exciting time with director Jared Januschka. We did two films in the last three plus years. “The Men Of Santa Muerte” and “See How they Run”. Now we are in talks for team up number 3 called “Shooting In Vein”. Help Jared get this story going. You don’t gotta give money. Just fill out a brief form and give a click a day. That’s it. It is a beautiful story he is telling. Help him tell with one click each day to keep the doctor away {cuz you’ll get good karma and stuff} stay tuned as news develops.



Another Script with Susan Hunt!!!!


I have been away for a spell. Soaking up this Town. This is the longest I have been here since I moved away to Los Angeles. So great to re-experience the good and the bad when it comes to my old stomping’ grounds. *sigh* there is nothing like NY. I have been filming this Netflix Show, Working with Orphans East ANNNNND my dear Friend Writer, Director Susan Hunt who directed me in The Ones That Have Fallen and I have collaborated on a new Script which she has written. Cant wait to shoot this. Its an Actor’s dream! Huzzah!!!!



That’s A Wrap for ‘Black, White, REaD!’


Orphans West’ Inaugural Production has finished the Principal Photography. It was written by Kristina Birk and Directed by Justin Morck and Exec Produced by This Guy. What a journey. No onward to Post. Feast on a few more Pics…


Our Heroine, Ms.Culture played by the lovely Kristina Birk discovers what Art Means to her. Of all the photos I’ve ever taken this is definitely up there.


Below: Kristina Pilskaia as our Tight Rope walker. Who appears on an enchanted Beach looking quite amazing herself. An amazing moment here this was…


Basking in the final day vibes with the Amazing and generous Michael Kelly. Loves this guy.


Black, White, REaD {More From The Set!}


We are almost though this shoot and I am inspired by this work. Here is our Writer and Star- the beautiful and visionary Kristina Birk. She uttered a single line here and it about moved me to tears. What an Artist!


The big Four: Justin Morck our Director also plays Mr.Sports, Michael James Kelly plays Mr.World News, Kristina Birk as Ms. Culture and myself as Mr.Finance. And here we learn the sobering truth- Everything comes with STRINGS ATTACHED! lol


‘Black, White, REaD’ Begins Shooting Tomorra!


Back in LA folks! A lot of adventures lately. Had a nice hike this weekend. On the eve of tomorra’s @blackwhitereadfilm Shoot. The day before shooting a film feels like… being on a train. The tracks set long ago. The cargo is packed. And inside I can feel the engines beginning to wake and grind forward towards a single point: the realization of an idea hatched just near the end of last year. And here we are. I always love this feeling. Tomorra is a very new day. I am proud to be on this journey with these two. Let’s see what we are made of. I already feel this project changing me!


Filming for ADULTISH in NY!


As we ready to wrap my filming for Adultish Season 3 I am looking around and feeling grateful for the work that Orphans Productions has put into this. One of the beauties of filming Adultish which is the Flagship Project for Orphans Productions is that on top of meeting with and working with the New Members Of the East Coast Orphans- I get to continue working with my ‘Orphans’ West’ Comrades on this as well, Here I am with Justin Morck telling me what a camera is and how it works. 😀


And below that I share a Drink with my Lovely Co-Star Kristina Birk. She is a wonder to work with!


I am looking forward to us getting back to LA after this and getting ready to shoot our OWN Project “Black, White, REaD” whose script Kristina has all but finished writing!!!! Huzzah!!!



This Kid. A few years ago she started her Theatre Company and she brought mE in on the ground level. Then- after two-ish wonderful years I moved away to the adorable City of Angels. And She grew and produced and the little theatre company became Orphans Productions and now Victoria Bennett is her own damn showrunner doing “ADULTISH”-A Web Series -now in it’s third effing season, a fun off-kilter Music Video machine with @timrerucha_nyc and she runs it all with a strategy as focused as her heart is big. When she and director, Justin Morck called and asked me to do a plum role it was a no-brainer. Ofcourse! And what a role! plus it has been wonderful to be back in my old effing stomping grounds in the City of Tomorrow- Nieuw Yoooooorke City {!!!!} to do it! So- poignant congratulations are in order to Us, The Orphans, and Adultish. This is me beaming with immense pride! Thankye for the moment you guys. Cuz that’s what’s goin’ on here.



Our Script is Completed! Huzzah!!


On this perfect day a script is finished. The Heroic Kristina Birk has transcribed our dynamite Brainstorms and jointly written story into a glorious and sensitive screen play with a magnificent flare for visual power. This one will be special and an exciting new chapter for me behind the camera. There are no two individuals with whom I could have done this with! Thanks Kristina and Justin! You are a dream. It seemed so exciting to embark upon this journey but how worth it it has been! I thank my stars everyday for having this project in my life!



The Orphans West’ secret ‘Black, White, REaD’ is progressing!


Black, White, REaD is moving along faster than I expected which is great news and a testament to how hungry everyone involved is. I am utterly inspired by the work which Justin Morck {pictured right} and Kristina Birk {photo credit} and I seem to bring out in each other. If our writing sessions are an indication of actually filming- we can do amazing things together! Needless to say I am thrilled! What a thing it is to create one’s own content…and to be able to look to your co-creators and see inspiring people who excite you. What a thing.



We Tentatively Call Ourselves ‘Orphans West’


And who are we? Well there is Kristina Birk {Middle}, Justin Morck {right} and myself! Since we are all three transplants from Nieuw Yorke wherein we had a theatre/ production company called Orphans which is STILL going strong- we thought hey! Let us do it AGAIN! And at today’s inspiring brainstorm- Kristina brought us our INAUGURAL PROJECT: A short and very artistic film called “BLACK WHITE REaD”. More details to follow! Happy Nieuw Year!

KISSES to Orphans East!


Thats a Wrap on ‘LONELY HEARTS CLUB’


What a shoot! What a year! What a Cast! What a Crew! WHAT A ROLE! This ranks with the greatest of my experiences in acting be it stage OR film. Everyone brought their passion and resolve. After all that TV craziness I feel as though I had been blessed with a dream Indie project like Lonely Hearts Club to fall into my lap. Every moment telling this story along side writer/ director Jason Silva has been utterly worth it. #searchforbeauty



Ladies And Gentlemen, this is Phyllis.


The pics of exquisite wonderfulness keep coming. Its amazing what a little foundation can do for ones dainty narcissism. Phyllis is Beautiful. And every bit of this experience has been absolutely wonderful. Cant thank you enough for this Jason. Ha-Haaaa! I love my life. I love this character. *sigh*





So thrilled to be filming this amazing script written by and directed by the inspiring Jason Silva. And I get to share the screen with the amazing stars Camille Guaty and Remi Nozik. I have landed the plum role of ‘Phyllis’ a man like NO OTHER. And look at my lipstick. Ow!


“LHC” Begins Filming {HUZZAH!}


Aaaand Camera rolls, Sound Speeds ACTION! Jason O. Silva {Second from right}- embarks on his daring journey for his beautiful baby LONELY HEARTS CLUB! Produced by Bruce Dickson {pictured right}, Annette Villareal, Alex Chu {Pictured third from right} Cinematography by the amazing Oliver Fitzgerald {Seated with Red Dragon Cam} and Dp’s assistant Hassan Abdul-Wahhid.

Lets Do This!!

LHC first day

Enter the “Red Dragon”


LONELY HEARTS CLUB, written and directed by Jason O. Silva is approaching fast. Everything about this special film is Fast. Here’s some more news: It will be shot on the amazing RED DRAGON cam. Its good y’all. Like Alexa good. This is gonna be one pretty movie!


That’s a Wrap on “TAKE TWO”.

October 29th

We have just wrapped shooting two shorts this week as part of the Directors Series in SCAD’s prestigious Film Program. Between takes on the set of prodigious Writer+ Director, Jordan Hill’s “Take Two”, a story about the film business which stars the lovely Bianca Collins, the esteemed Matthew Temple and mE! It was a pleasure working with Hill on this. He is truly a student of Cinema and feels an integrity to learn from those who came before him in this business.

Georgia Cast

Greetings from SAVANNAH, GEORGIA!

October 24th

Here I am at the screening + talkback for the excellent nieuw film “MEADOWLAND” starring Olivia Wilde. It screened at the Savannah Georgia Film Festival last night. Its going to be a truly amazing festival in the wonderful haunting town of Savannah! Im here to shoot a couple films as part of SCAD’s Directors program. Its AMAZING out here!



A New Draft. A First Script.

September 25th

My first story with Alan De La Rosa of Rosascope Productions titled,”THE LYCANTHROPE” has completed a new rewrite. It already scored high in the 2015 Screencraft Screenwriting Contest! Three cheers for Alan and I… and Alan again!